05/06/2020 – Wow…last update for how long??

OK – what just happened?! 8 months have just passed by. I was meant to be back in 4 weeks!

Truth is, I broke out of a routine, and then stopped. That’s it. This is why it is really important that once you commit to such a task you STICK to it.

What’s been happening over the last 8 months?

Amazingly not long after my last blog post I had a referral, yes a REFERRAL! That sadly came to nothing, they chose not to even get in touch so I had no feedback as to why they chose not to participate in Wealthy Affiliate.

I think the problem for me is that doing this is such a slow burner that I gave up, too soon? Most likely.

I had a change of direction, I took a Property Investment course. You should never put all your eggs in one basket, and property is where I keep some of my ‘eggs’.

Then the 2020 Covid-19 situation occurred. And I took another course – Stock Market Investment. This is where I intend to keep a few more of my ‘eggs’!

That brings me back here. I have decided to invest less time to this website, it has kind of served its purpose of a training platform. I will now work through the Affiliate Bootcamp training once I have decided on a niche.

I will keep this site up, and update from time to time, especially if I have any significant breakthroughs’s

I really want to have a success story that I can share, and you can see is genuine, I started from nothing. I don’t want to be one of these fake gurus that portray to be successful that really aren’t.

Stay safe.



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