06/10/19 – Last update for 4 weeks

I am now almost 3 months in to my membership with Wealthy Affiliate and this week I have pushed through Phase 5 with ease. The final part of the Phase sees a 6-week plan of writing content which will then bring me to Phase 6. Rather than 6-weeks I am going to slim this down a little to 4-weeks, and also I have decided that I will not be doing any weekly updates during this time so I can purely concentrate on creating new content.

I have created some keyword-rich content within the last couple of weeks that I am eagerly waiting for Google to index. I am hoping soon to have one or two conversions, that is people creating a new account with Wealthy Affiliate from one of my articles.

Here’s my final update for now:

Wealthy Affiliate Training Progress

Affiliate Bootcamp:
From 10% to 69% this week which I am pleased with. As you can see I am now on the lesson “Creating a 6-week plan of attack”.

Wealthy Affiliate Community

A small drop in my rank, and a couple of new followers.

Social Networking

I have barely spent any time on social media this week as I’ve pushed through Phase 5. I did upload a new article which has had a couple of retweets and comments.

Google Analytics

Nice healthy increase this week, and drop in bounce rate. Session duration has really increased so users are spending longer reading and engaging. This hopefully means my articles are improving.

Any other comments

Another good week, not sure how the next 4 weeks will go, see you soon!

If you wish to join me, here’s is my personal link:Discounted first month offer just $19 if you choose to upgrade to Premium!

Please leave a comment below if you wish to see any changes to future updates, or for any other feedback!


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