11/08/19 – I’ve had a break

This week I have been away on holiday which means I have done no training, uploaded any new content, or made any changes. For consistency I will report progress in the usual format:

Wealthy Affiliate Training Progress

Affiliate Bootcamp


At this point Kyle does suggest a 10-day break from training, so my holiday sat perfectly. I will continue training from tomorrow.

Wealthy Affiliate Community


Wow…. that’s quite a change from last week (was 60815). A little odd since I’ve not done anything this week. I’ve asked the Wealthy Affiliate community why this is, perhaps a delay? Actually this is a good test. How long does it take to get an answer? I asked the question at 20:24…. let’s see. I was just about to publish this when I had a notification to say I’d had a reply to my question, which was at 20:32. 8 minutes to receive a reply, that’s pretty impressive right? And the answer is, yes there is a delay, so my work from last week has pushed up my ranking.

Revenue / Income

Obviously nothing as yet…. I’ve decided I will omit this section for now so it won’t appear from next week – unless of course I have a referral.

Any other comments

The break was needed this week, albeit it has played on my mind a little that no progress has been made. Back to it tomorrow. Next in the training we look at the social side, this will possibly be my least favourite section!

See you next week for an actual update on progress! As usual, if you wish to join me, here’s is my personal link:

Discounted first month offer just $19 if you choose to upgrade to Premium!


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