15/09/2019 -Phase 4 Get Visual

This week marks the start of ‘Phase 4 – Get Visual. Get Aesthetic. Get a Brand Through Media’. This section of the training concentrates more on the visual design of the website, leveraging the use of images better, videos, and logos.

Again this week I have really struggling with committing time to my Wealthy Affiliate training. It’s not that I didn’t want to, it’s being able to give the time with other personal commitments and a full-time job. Sometimes this does have it’s benefits however, it always me to think over what I will be doing next and to come up with new ideas.

This is how we are looking at the end of this week:

Wealthy Affiliate Training Progress

Affiliate Bootcamp:

7 tasks completed this. My next task is to write a blog using a video from Wealthy Affiliate classroom. This will be useful for readers to see how the Wealthy Affiliate training works, and hopefully if they are interested in learning too this will convert to a new sign-up.

Wealthy Affiliate Community

Again a slight decrease in my rank as I have not progressed much through the training, and not contributed a great deal to the community. I did however use the live chat which I haven’t before, and thus 6 new members are following me.

Social Networking

Quite an increase in the number of followers which has taken me over the 1,000 mark.

Google Analytics

I’m going to present the results of Google Analytics a little differently now. Hopefully its clearer. This week the number of visitors has decreased a little however the bounce rate has dropped. This is better as it shows users are making better use of the site, rather than a larger number of visitors visiting then leaving promptly.

Any other comments

Next week I hope to push through Phase 3 a little quicker. In my mind I’d like to get through the entire training as quickly as possible so that I am then able to use what I have learnt to produce quality content.

If you wish to join me, here’s is my personal link:

Discounted first month offer just $19 if you choose to upgrade to Premium!

Please leave a comment below if you wish to see any changes to future updates.


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