28/07/19 – Website starting to take shape

It’s now been 3 weeks since I discovered and signed up to WealthyAffiliate.com. I’ve realised, or rather the WA training has taught me, that I need to write more structured and visual articles so that’s what I’m going to try doing here on in.

This diary I am putting under the heading ‘My WA Blogs’ which will be shorter, more structured, and provide a better snapshot of where I am at with my training and website performance.

I have also started writing ‘My WA Topics’, this is where I will choose a certain feature of WA on a regular basis as a kind of guide or newcomers, but still to provide my opinion on what I like and don’t like.

Training Progress

Online Entrepreneur Certification

Affiliate Bootcamp


I’ve decided to park the Online Entrepreneur Certification for now. It’s not a recommendation to try doing both that and Bootcamp training at the same time. So until further notice I will not report on it.



I’m hovering around the 50000 rank mark. My community contribution is somewhat minimal since I am spending most of my time on training and this website for now. Network or number of followers and slowed now that I no longer have the presence of being a new user I assume.

Revenue / Income

This is too early to report as it’s only been 3 weeks, and as I have mentioned, this is not a ‘get-rich-quick’ scheme. However, as park of a more structured layout I will report any income here. Right now I can confirm a total income of

£0 !

Any other comments

As usual I have spent an hour or two most evenings so it’s becoming quite a good habit. I’m not expecting any income for about 6 months, I guess that’s my target. Can I keep it up until then? Who knows but I will do my best. I try not to think of generating an income right else it just demotivates me (because there is no income).

The pace at which I am doing the training has slowed, it’s not something that can be rushed if followed properly. Many of the videos I watch twice to properly absorb the information.

I have spent more time with this site than normal trying to improve the layout and visual appeal, I am pleased with how it is starting to look. Lots more to do though.

I’m still enjoying the WA experience, I guess I am still a little sceptical too. Is it really achievable to reach the targets people talk about. I mean 5-figure incomes per month, really?? I don’t know. I feel I have joined a little late sadly, but I hope to be proven wrong.

See you next week for a further update! As usual, if you wish to join me, here’s is my personal link:

Discounted first month offer just $19 if you choose to upgrade to Premium!


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