29/09/19 – Phase 5 Audiences & Referrals

Have you ever ran a marathon? Well for those who have they will know what I mean by hitting “the wall”. Last week I feel that was my point, I felt fatigued, negative, and out of energy. I did not want to go on.

Luckily this week I’ve had second wind and a surge of energy to push on through the training right through to the end (I hope!).

I’ve finally left Phase 4 which felt like it was going on forever, and in to “Phase 5 [of 7] Knowing your audiences & Catapulting your referrals”. This phase looks deeper in to the use of video, ways of connecting to your audience, and how to capture maximum invites and referrals.

I actually took the plunge this week and did something I never thought I would, that it to create my own YouTube channel. You can see this video here.

Stats for this week:

Wealthy Affiliate Training Progress

Affiliate Bootcamp:

Now 10% in to Phase 5. This is quite a large section, almost double the number of tasks. Let’s hope it doesn’t take me twice as long as Phase 4!

Wealthy Affiliate Community

Again a small decline of my rank even though I have pushed through a fair amount of training, and made some contribution to the community. 8 more followers, I also did a very short post referring to a “Jaaxywhack” ! 😀

Social Networking

A nice increase to my Followers list, again mainly from the writing community, but also a number of like minded entrepreneurs and internet marketers.

Google Analytics

A healthy increase in the number of visits again, but also and increase in the bounce rate. Bit like a roller coaster at the moment!

Any other comments

Nothing else to report, been a good week really, and I’m feeling more positive to the outcome once my training is complete.

If you wish to join me, here’s is my personal link:Discounted first month offer just $19 if you choose to upgrade to Premium!

Please leave a comment below if you wish to see any changes to future updates, or for any other feedback!






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