4 reasons why you won’t quit the 9-5 job you hate

Fed up of your job? According to a survey by CV Library more than half of us Brits hate our day job. More than half of us 64% of people would rather have a job they love that doesn’t pay much (YouGov poll July 2017).

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So what are the reasons behind not quitting and doing something we are passionate about by working for ourselves?

Fear / Lack of Confidence

Life is full of fear. We know what we want, but we stop when we think of the 100 reasons why we can’t do it. What will my friends think if I fail? How will I pay my bills? What if I can’t manage on my own? I don’t know how to do xyz.

Everyone faces fear. Think of the most confident person your know, they face fear too. In fact they probably face fear on a daily basis but the difference is they tackle it.

As we get older all these fears that we did not face up will soon become regrets, possibly for a lifetime as opportunities are missed.

Sometimes we just have to DO IT, face your fear and defeat it!

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You may feel like every day is groundhog day, the same day in day out, you get up go to work. You see the same cars on the road at the same junction at the same time. Another day in the office, everyone else doing the same thing. You go home and put the dinner on, and before your know it your’re back in bed for yet another day.

It could be time to re-evaluate what your do. The trivial things. Watching ‘junk’ TV. Could your spend this time doing something wiser? Could your be planning your business venture? Making steps towards your goals?

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Money / stability

If your live alone or with a partner then chances are your have a mortgage or pay rent. This is a commitment we have little choice over. It’s true that when setting out on the road of self-employment chances are your may not be able to pay yourself at all. It can take time to build up a customer base.

Becoming self-employed does not mean your need to quit your day job immediately. As mentioned above, why not use your spare time to start your business? Nobody said it was going to be easy. Working for yourself is going to take time and your may have to sacrifice those lazy hours in the evenings or at the weekend in order to achieve your goals.

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Have your ever thought of a fantastic idea, some kind of gap in the market, or something your would just love to do? Maybe it’s that Coffee Shop you always dreampt of running? Then you ask your friends or family what they think, and their reaction is not as expected. “It’ll cost too much to start-up”, “There’s already enough coffee shops”, yada yada… Suddenly you question your idea.

It’s good to talk and bounce ideas off other people, but perhaps your just need to start planning, go looking for that perfect location for your coffee shop.

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Long hours

There’s no doubt that working for yourself could mean long hours, especially to start with. Ultimately though the hours your put in is totally up you. This is one of the biggest benefits to being self-employed.

Fancy tomorrow off? Why not!

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