How To Build Your Own Website and E-Mail in 30-minutes

In this article I will go through the procedure of building your very own website from scratch. I will break this down it in to several sections as follows:

Part 1a – Domain name registration – in order to build a website you will first need a domain name.

Part 1b – Using specific Domain names or already registered domain – you may use a domain name that you’ve registered elsewhere, or one that is more specific.

Part 2 – E-mail – how you can create a new E-mail address using your new domain name, forwarding, and signatures.

Part 3 – Website hosting and building – a very brief introduction in to creating a website using WordPress.

Please note this article contains affiliate links, this helps support the work I do, and does not cost you anymore. I am not biased towards any particular provider however the purpose of the article is to help you easily build a website from scratch. Although free domain, membership and hosting is possible, it’s assumed from hereon-in that you will sign-up to the Premium Membership at for which there is a monthly fee. You can see all the membership differences here.

Part 1a – Domain name registration

I won’t go in to too much detail on this topic but traditionally there wasn’t much choice when is came to the type of domain names extensions, there were generic and country-specific. Now there are hundreds available. However, my personal recommendation is to stick to a traditional type where possible. For example in the UK this would be ‘’, or a generic type such as ‘.com’. Search engines will tend to favour these, and in my opinion they look more professional, but if you’re not really interested in search engine optimisation then I would choose anything that suits.

At they offer a completely in-house solution to building your website. You may purchase a domain name here however it is limited to the following extensions:


Wealthy Affiliate is primarily designed for people looking to start up their own online business in affiliate marketing. However, there is no reason why their platform cannot be used just for hosting. Here’s just some of the many reasons why using Wealthy Affiliate is a good idea for building your website:

1) Free sign-up – no payment details required to create an account
2) Free domain name and hosting is an option
3) Online community available should you need help
4) Video guides to help you create your website
5) You may host your domain if you have already purchased elsewhere
6) Website backups and security
7) You may export your website and domain should you want to cancel.

I will now show you how you go about setting up an account with and purchase a domain.

Go to and create an account. It’s easy and self explanatory so I won’t go through that here. Once logged in head over to the left-hand menu and go to ‘Websites‘ and then ‘Site Domains‘.


Type in your desired domain and add to cart.

Proceed through to payment, that’s it, you now have your own domain name!

Alternatively if you wish to use a domain that you purchased elsewhere then follow the instructions in Part 1b.

Part 1b – Using specific Domain Names or already registered domain

I recommend using to purchase domains. Currently they are offering domains from £0.99 for the first year. Go to their site and have a search for your ideal domain name. Chances are it will be taken already so it’s time to get creative. Tip: avoid very long URLs, hyphens etc.

Once you have chosen your domain name add it to the basket:

You don’t need any of the additional options so you can remove these. Proceed through the rest of the options then checkout and make payment.

If you have purchased a domain in the steps above, or you already have one registered with 123-reg then in preparation for the next part of the article you will need to change a couple of settings. In 123-reg go to the Control Panel. Under ‘Manage Active Products‘ select your domain and click the ‘MANAGE‘ button:


Under ‘Advanced domain settings‘ click on ‘Change Nameservers (DNS)‘:


In ‘Nameserver management‘ you will need to replace the ‘Nameserver 1‘ and ‘Nameserver 2‘ text box contents to:

Nameserver 1:

Nameserver 2:



Click the ‘Update‘ button, now go to the Wealthy Affiliate website to finish the configuration there.

Head over to the left-hand menu and go to ‘Websites‘ and then ‘Site Domains‘.

Scroll down to ‘Other Domains‘, enter your website domain in the free text box, and click the ‘Add Domain‘ button. If this part fails then you may need to wait up to 24 hours since you altered the DNS settings. This is usually much quicker though.


This should now appear in the list below:


Well done, you have not successfully re-directed your website domain to the WealthyAffiliate hosting service!

Part 2 – E-mail

Next we will configure email. E-mail can be accessed either by the webmail portal, or you may forward all E-mails to another address, a personal one for instance. Typically, as a minimum you should add an ‘admin’ account, then an everyday account for instance your name. I usually have an admin account forwarded to my personal E-mail, and webmail for one with my name so that I can create a signature.

To create a webmail email account go to the ‘Site Email‘ tab at the top. Enter the email address you want, choose your domain and click the ‘Create‘ button.

Alternatively to create an account that will forward to another account, click on the ‘New Email Forward‘ tab, enter the address you require, select your domain from the drop down menu, then enter the full email address you wish the emails to be forwarded to:

To access your webmail and create a signature you will need to do the following: click on the ‘Password‘ button then copy it, and then the ‘Login to Webmail‘ link.

This will take you to the following Webmail login page:

Enter the E-mail address and paste the password in.

Once signed in we can now setup an E-mail signature. Click on the person symbol at the top tight hand corner, and click ‘Settings‘:

On the Settings page it is not clear how to set up a signature. On the ‘General‘ tab click your email address, this will open up a new window.


Click on the small ‘HTML <-> TEXT’ button then you can upload your company logo and enter your signature details:

That’s it, you now have your E-mail signature set up!

Part 3 – Website hosting and building

Approximately a third of all websites use a platform called ‘WordPress’. WordPress uses templates to enable you to easily create your very own website without needing the programming knowledge.

Wealthy Affiliate uses this platform. You could just use which is a hosted solution, however Wealthy Affiliate offers video training to walk you through creating your website, support (Premium membership), SEO training, and a 24/7 community of like-minded people who will help you should you get stuck.

I will briefly show you how to get started, and then where to locate the video tutorials to building your site.

You may have established now that there are several ways to navigate to the same pages. To build your website go to ‘Websites‘, then ‘Site Manager‘:


In Site Manager click on the ‘Build a New Website‘ button:


Click on the large ‘Domain I Own‘ button. Enter the domain name, title, and choose a theme template:


That’s it, your website is now live, try navigating to it your Internet browser! To edit your website go to ‘Websites‘ and ‘Site Manager‘. Click on the ‘Log in‘ button, this will open a pop-up, click the ‘Login Now‘.

This will open up the WordPress portal:

From here this is where you will edit your site, posts, and pages. I really recommend that you use the video tutorials. A guide to building your website starts here.


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