Jaaxy – The most powerful tool for promoting your website

Fact: 95% of internet users will not look beyond page 1 of web search results!


Do you have a website but have little or no traffic because it’s not on the first page of results?

Ever wondered what people are searching for on Google, Yahoo, or Bing?

I’m going to let you in to a little secret, the most powerful tool for incresing traffic to your website. It’s call ‘Jaaxy’.

What is Jaaxy?

Put simply, Jaaxy is the most powerful keyword and competition research tool. With Jaaxy you can quickly find unique, hot, and unused keywords to potentially push your website ranking to page one of the search engine results.

Try it now…it’s free!

Simply enter something in to the search box below to see the results:

With the free Starter account you will get 30 searches per month.

Example, search for “best novel”:

There’s more!

Ever wondered where in the search results your website sits (ranking)? Rather than manually search and go through potentially pages and pages of results ‘SiteRank’ allows you to track your own website automatically.

This is also helpful to monitor your website, if the ranking starts to drop you can research new keywords to update your site and increase the ranking.

This is just a short introduction to Jaaxy. Click here if you’re interested in trying Jaaxy.

Coming soon…

I will write a full guide on Jaaxy’s features for Starter, and upgrade membership.

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