14/07/19 The Wealthy Affiliate adventure starts here!

Is the Wealthy Affiliate a scam? I am hoping to answer your question! You may have already come across Wealthy Affiliate and wondered if it is a scam or legit. The point of this blog website is show my experience of Wealthy Affiliate right from the beginning…and who knows how far in to the future? Chances are you’ve seen dozens of websites where there is someone claiming to earning £100000’s from working anywhere in the world, how wonderful it is, how you can do the same etc… I can tell you now that at the point of writing this (July 2019) I have earned ZERO! Nada! Nothing! But that is simply because I haven’t done anything to earn. It’s a stick in the ground! The journey starts here…

Important note: please keep in mind this is my experience which will be different to yours. I work in IT but have very little experience in affiliate marketing, SEO knowledge etc. I only have about 1 or maybe 2 hours per day to work on Wealthy Affiliate (WA). I have written this blog to give you an honest insight to WA from my perspective.

Who are Wealthy Affiliate and what do they offer?

In a nutshell Wealthy Affiliate is a kind of all-in-one training and hosting platform suitable for beginners and I suspect useful to those who are more advanced. The principal idea is to train members to create useful content rich websites that will drive in web traffic and thus convert this traffic to an income via affiliate links and adverts.

Wealthy Affiliate also offer their own affiliate scheme if you wish to promote it to others.

Learn what is affiliate marketing

You may be wondering what is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is a way of earning a commission on a company’s products or services. Perhaps you have already looked at something similar like drop shipping wholesalers, this is even better. Affiliate marketing does not involve selling any goods, customer services, returns etc.

My journey

I’d like to point out that I have no experience of any other similar ‘affiliate marketing training programs’ that may be out there, so I am not biased, this is just my journey.  I will update this website of a regular basis so that prospective members can follow my progress and perhaps join too. I would like to point out a couple of important notes about Wealthy Affiliate before I start. Firstly, it is free to join, no credit card etc. You can get a real feel for how it works, the community, the training etc. You can even host a couple of websites for free.


Perhaps you’re inpatient and want to sign up now? That’s fine and I would actually recommend it. But before you do – if you sign up via my link you will have me as your personal mentor! Once you’ve signed up that’s it you cannot change your mentor. Also if you ever decide to join me and upgrade to Premium membership you’ll be supporting me as I will earn commission on that. Hey – that’s what this is all about right?! And as a thank you…

Discounted first month offer just $19 if you choose to upgrade to Premium!

See you there?



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