TopCashback Review

Name: TopCashback
Price: Free / £5 per year for Plus membership
Owners: Top Online Partners Group
Overall Rank: 95 out of 100

Cashback system, how it works

When a user wishes to make a purchase online, they simply sign in to their TopCashback account, search for the retailer, and click the link which will direct them to the retailers’ website. Cookies are used to track the purchase, which will appear as a transaction on the Top Cashback account.

Once the transaction has been confirmed as genuine it will appear in the Top Cashback account as ‘Confirmed’. When Top Cashback receive the retailer then the transaction is marked as ‘Payable’. At this point the user can withdraw the money as a BACS payment, or boosted as an e-gift to spend elsewhere.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

1) ‘Free’ cash
2) Free TopCashback account perfectly adequate
3) Easy system
4) No minimum amount to withdraw cash

The Bad:
1) Some transactions fail to track (there is a help system to assist with this)
2) Many transactions take weeks if not months before cash is payable
3) Potential users who are sceptical will never sign up

Who is TopCashback for?

TopCashback is aimed at all Intenet users who make purchases online. Perhaps you are looking for online discount coupons or a discount for sports tickets, TopCashback offers an alternative way of making this saving. TopCashback offer savings for 1000’s of online retailers.

How much can I save?

Amount very widely from pence to over £100, or a percentage. For example you may be looking for a discount for travel. Currently you could get £26.25 cash back for booking a holiday with

Or perhaps you’re looking for the cheapest broadband, TopCashback are currently offering £150 in return for SSE’s Unlimited Fibre + Phone option.

When will I receive the cash?

Some retailers are very fast at confirming and paying. However, be warned, most transactions will take many weeks if not months to go through. This is mainly to prevent fraud. If you purchase a new mobile phone for example, but change your mind within the 14 day cooling off period then the transaction will be marked as void. Therefore you will need to wait at least this period until the transaction is confirmed.

TopCashback help system

Some referals may fail to track. This may be a technical error with the users computer, for example cookies being disabled. Some referrals simply slip through the net, by contacting the online help they will try to assist. Note, this can take months if not over a year to be resolved.

TopCashback at a glance

Name: TopCashback
Price: Free / £5 per year for Plus membership
Owners: Top Online Partners Group
Overall Rank: 95 out of 100

Verdict: LEGIT

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