Topic 4 – Hosting Platform

Wealthy Affiliate offer an easy to use all-in-one solution for registering a domain (you can also move an existing domain from another provider), and hosting your WordPress website. For this topic we will look at the Hosting Platform, what Wealthy Affiliate offer, differences with the two membership packages, and a brief introduction on how it is used.

Domain Dashboard

Firstly, you can search for a new domain, purchase, and register it by going to the ‘Site Domains’ section within the ‘Websites’ menu. This will take you to the Domain Dashboard.

Site Domains

Here is a screenshot of the Domain Dashboard:

Domain Dashboard

Here you can:

1) Find and purchase a new website domain
2) View your existing domains
3) Transfer an existing domain to Wealthy Affiliate
4) Point Wealthy Affiliate at an externally hosted domains

We will look at each of the above features in this article.

Find And Purchase A New Domain

When looking for a new domain you simply enter the name within the green search box. Chances are your chosen domain will already be taken, at least for .com so you may wish to choose a different name, or a different domain.

Here is an example:

Domain Search

Here I am searching for “mynewdomain”. is already taken, however Wealthy Affiliate suggest other Top Level Domains that are already available, and also make other suggestions such as

Once chosen you simply add the cart, purchase, and Wealthy Affiliate’s hosting platform does the rest, this process just takes a few minutes, and will then appear under Domains Registered at WA.

View Your Existing Domains

One you have purchased a domain you will see it along with any other in the Domain Dashboard.

Visually from here you can see each domain that you own, whether you’re hosting anything on the domain, privacy, the expiration date, option to auto-renew or now, and then further settings. Under the settings drop down menu you can:

1) DNS – this is left as default unless you wish to host your site outside of Wealthy affiliate
2) Privacy – option to set the WHOIS privacy on or off, and set contact email address
3) Redirect – set this if you wish for all traffic for your domain to go to a different domain
4) FTP – for advanced users, here you can view your ftp credentials for transferring files manually
5) Renew – if you wish to renew your domain (no need for this if set to auto-renew)
6) Transfer – use this option if you want to move your domain away from Wealthy Affiliate.

Transfer An Existing Domain To Wealthy Affiliate

You may already have a website hosted elsewhere that you want to now move to Wealthy Affiliate to take advantage of their hosting. This is a simple process, once you have your Transfer Verification Code from your existing provider, you simply enter in your domain name and Transfer Verification Code in to the text boxes, then let Wealthy Affiliate do the rest.


Point Wealthy Affiliate At An Externally Hosted Domain

This is an option if you have your domain registered with another provider, but you wish to host the website itself at Wealthy Affiliate. You will need to use the DNS addresses given and enter them on your providers site first, then enter the domain name in the text box.

How Many Websites Can I host?

At Wealthy Affiliate they offer free hosting for up to 2 websites with the Starter Membership. Given that the Start Membership is free, this is very generous.

If you opt for Premium Membership then you may host up to a collosal 50 websites!

To see all the differences between Starter and Premium membership, see my membership article here.

Why Use Wealthy Affiliates Hosting Platform

By signing up to Wealthy Affiliates FREE Starter membership it makes absolute sense to be able to host your WordPress website, even if you choose to not use any other feature.

Apart from that, using the Hosting Platform provides a very easy to use, seamless interface to managing your website(s). Many years ago hosting your website was difficult, time consuming, and costly. Here, even the most novice of users can now host their website(s) with great ease.

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