Topic 3 – Personal Mentoring – Premium Coaches

When you join Wealthy Affiliate via an affiliate link i.e. an existing member such as myself, they will become your ‘Premium Coach’ (not to be confused with premium membership). So if you JOIN ME HERE for example then once you create your account I will automatically become a ‘Premium Coach’ to you. You will also notice that you will have Kyle and Carson who are the founders of Wealthy Affiliate.

What is a ‘Premium Coach’?

A premium coach is someone you can always approach for any help and advice you may require. It is not possible to change your designated premium coach unless you create a new coach. But hey, if you have me as your coach why would you want to change?!

You can also contact Kyle or Carson for help. Keep in mind that as much as they like to help, they are very busy people! So it’s always best to approach me first. Wait, you don’t see me?! That means you either signed up direct on the website or through someone elses recommendation, too bad.

Note that this is only available for the first 7-Days of creating the account via Private Messaging. There are other means to communicate thereafter but Private Messaging is the best way as it is like E-Mail.

Other methods of help at Wealthy Affiliate

I will only briefly mention other methods of help here as I will discuss in detail within another blog. Within Wealthy Affiliate you can also talk to other members of the community via

– Ask a Question – this will post out for all and anyone to reply, responses are very fast!

– Live chat – members can join a chat room for help and ideas.

– Website feedback – you can request feedback on your website.

– Comments on blogs or tutorials

Want me to be you be your Wealthy Affiliate coach and guide you?

Simple, follow this link to create an account and I will be your Premium Coach!


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