Topic 2 – Membership – Package differences

Here we look at differences between Wealthy Affiliate ‘Starter’ vs ‘Premium’ packages, what they have to offer, cost differences, my opinion as to which you should have, and how to create an account.

Starter vs Premium

Wealthy Affiliate have two membership packages, ‘Starter’ and ‘Premium’. The Starter package is FREE for life, and does not require any payment details to join. The Premium package costs $49 per month (roughly £39 to those of us in UK), you can cancel at anytime. There is the option to pay 6-monthly or yearly which works out as $39 (£31) and $29 (£24) respectively, if you plan on keeping your account for a while this is definitely a good saving.

The Starter package is really designed to be just that. It’s a great way to test out the site, try some of the lessons, speak to the community. The features are limited though, and further limited after 7-days. There is no reason why you couldn’t just stick with the Starter account, however whether you could make anything worthwhile from it long term I do not know.

The Premium package is all features. See the illustration in the next section which shows Starter vs Premium.

What does each package have to offer

See below to see how the two packages compare:

Which account should you choose?

Of course, in my opinion, there is no point in diving in to a Premium membership. If you are interested in learning about affiliate marketing, whether you are a beginner or even if you are further advanced, you should sign up to the Starter account. This gives you a real taste as to what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer with no obligation. Many people may decide it’s not for them for various reasons and therefore leave, or other may choose to take their time with the Starter account.

If however you’re serious about affiliate marketing, want to learn more, and have enjoyed the starter account you can then upgrade to Premium. If you choose pay monthly, at any point you can upgrade to pay 6-monthly or yearly for additional savings.

In my opinion the Premium package is great value for money, for the information that’s provided, the tools, the advice it’s worth every penny and especially great for new beginners who wish to dip their toe in the world of affiliate marketing.

How do create an account

Creating an account couldn’t be easier, just your name, email, and a password is required.

Simply follow this link to join WA and save on your first month of Premium only $19 !

…and finally

Your dream of earning an additional income, or working for yourself full time is just a few moments away. Use the link above to join me on this journey, it’s going to a roller coaster, but I can almost guarantee that if you enjoy the Starter membership you will be very happy to pay what I think is an exceptional and very competitive deal for the Premium features. See you there!


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